Time plan for 2010
Participants at the Gdańsk meeting also discussed the time plan. The following steps have been agreed for 2010:
  • Until 28th of February – all partners active in WP 5.5 develop/collect samples of data required to compute dynamic sensitivity maps.
  • Until 15th of March – Norwegian partners deliver samples of data to MIG for preparation of training set of materials for further use.
  • Beginning of April – working meeting in Gdańsk – training on use of GIS tools to compute dynamic sensitivity maps.
  • Until end of April – preparation of draft maps to be presented during EfficienSea meeting in Runde.
  • Until the end of 2010 – further development of both algorithms and input data in order to release limited working version of dynamic sensitivity mapping system in January 2011 
The next A5.5 and 5.6 meeting takes place in Gdańsk in April, and WP5 as a whole meets next time in Runde on May 6 during the EfficienSea Major Event, 4-7 May 2010.
03.03.2010 WP5 plan for all activities
Partners in WP5 gathered in Gdańsk in November for an overview of the work carried out so far, and to plan further activities. Activities 5.5 and 5.6 got to an agreement on what methods to select for a maximum resolution of sensitivity maps to be developed.
Methods and algorithms to be used in both WP5.5 pilot projects - that is both in Norway and in Poland - based on the Concept Paper proposed by MIG, were the main topic of the working meeting A5.5 and A5.6 that took place in Gdańsk in November 2009.
The hybrid solution
Due to requirements for carrying on different resolutions in each pilot project, a hybrid option has been selected thus resulting in GIS option to combine various type of input data (raster and vector) into vector output data. This solution would result in carrying through the whole process maximum resolution described in input data.
The Amended Concept Paper is now available at the EfficienSea extranet.
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