Professor Nobuhiro Sawano and work package leader Tommi Arola share a fellow interest in Dynamic Risk Management.
15.03.2010 EfficienSea and Dynamic Risk Management wakes attention in Japan
Experts have come from Japan to check the EfficienSea project, aiming at finding the best practices and ideas to improve maritime safety.

On March 4, work package leader Tommi Arola (leading WP6 Dynamic Risk Management) from Finnish Transport Agency received a Japanese maritime research delegation.

The Japanese delegation was taking the update of the projects that are running around the Baltic Sea Area funded by EU.
Many experts involved
The Japanese delegation spend one week the snowy Finland. The visitors had meetings with experts from Finnish Transport Agency, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Aalto University and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

GIS is the next thing in northern Japan
The aim of the meeting was to find out the best practices and ideas in terms of what can be done to improve maritime safety. The Baltic Sea area and the solutions here are of big interest in northern Japan because there is a similar sea area in the Sea of Japan and Okhotsk.

“We have tankers, we have ice and we have a very sensitive environment with a large amount of fishing boats”, said Professor Nobuhiro Sawano from Seiryo Women's Junior college. Both professor Nobuhiro and professor Seiichi Hamada from Geological Survey of Hokkaido are working hard to improve the safety and use of geographic information systems (GIS) for the Sakhalin area maritime traffic (northern Japan).

Waterway junction analysed with counting gates and main traffic flows marked.
From Probability modelling of vessel collisions, published in Reliability Engineering and System Safety journal, Volume 95, Issue 5, May 2010, Pages 573-589, available online here>>

Win-win situation
EfficienSea work package leader Tommi Arola presented EfficienSea in general, and in particular the topics concentrated on the methodology how to improve situation awareness and use GIS as a decision support system. The dynamic risk management experiments done in EfficienSea and the improvements in risk analysis methods attracted the major interest. Both professors put EfficienSea webpage in the list of monitored projects.

“It’s very important to establish linkages to cooperative sea areas which share the same environmental objectives. It’s a total win-win situation”, says professor Nobuhiro. 

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