Runde island is the southernmost bird cliff in Norway. We will visit this tiny island that is invaded every year by more than 500,000 nesting birds. More than 220 species have been identified, but Runde is most famous for its puffins.
Photo: Magnar Fjørtoft, Destination Ålesund&Sunnmøre
See you at the get-together-pizza on May 4,
19:00 at Rica Parken Hotel in Ålesund!
27.04.2010 Updates in the Major Event Programme - now including Work Package meetings agendas
Latest updates on 27 April.

The programme on May 6 at Runde has changed substantially, and if you ever considered participating only part of the day you are most likely to reconsider.
Take a look at the General programme here >> No need to print it, you will receive everything you need once in Ålesund.

Work Package specific agendas on May 6
The Work Package leaders have prepared the detailed agendas for the Work Package meetings on Runde, May 6.
Here they are:
The EfficienSea Movie
The e-Navigation Movie
Final Major Event Movie
A Maritime Career
31.01.2012 E-Navigation Underway 2012
read and watch conclusions
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