Mads Bentzen, Danish Maritime Authority, installs the Iridium satellite antenna on Poul Løwenørn.
  Photo: Thomas Christensen
Analyses and evaluation
From time to time, experts will pay a visit onboard and carry out different situation specific scenarios jointly with the crew. The experience of the crew on the bridge will be collected and analysed by the EfficienSea team.
The conclusions drawn, from everyday use of the equipment as well as of from scenarios and the actual physical installation, will be most valuable when the project continues to install equipment on the other EfficienSea
e-Navigation test-bed vessels, due this fall. E-Navigation equipment will for example be installed and tested onboard the ferry M/S Crown of Scandinavia, onboard which the international conference
e-Navigation Underwayis scheduled to 31 January – 2 February 2011.
21.10.2010 Installation of the first
e-Navigation service

The Danish Maritime Authority has installed e-Navigation equipment on-board the first vessel of the test fleet. This is the first step to test the equipment that in due course is likely to revolutionize maritime navigation. The new system is developed within the framework of the EU-supported EfficienSea project.

The first vessel carrying the new e-Navigation equipment is “Poul Løwenørn”, a buoy tender sailing in Öresund and Danish waters. In addition to the normal equipment onboard, Captain Bjarne and his crew will now be testing services on a laptop, that provides online Meteorological and Oceanographic data (METOC). Such data is of significant importance for modern shipping in order to navigate safely and fuel-efficiently, not least when sailing in the shallow and ecologically sensitive waters of the Baltic Sea.

The meteorological and oceanographic data is displayed by software developed by the EfficienSea project – this large EU supported project gathering 16 national maritime authorities and universities around the Baltic Sea, aiming at Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Traffic at Sea.

New software and communication tools
In addition to the normal Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) system, upgraded with the new METOC-on-route application developed by partners in the EfficienSea project, the vessel has been equipped with a GSM/3G modem and antenna, as well as an Iridium satellite communication kit. This equipment is able to connect to whichever of these data communication channels that will work the best and cheapest at any given position of the vessel. The services will be upgraded in the course of the project, for example within short with VHF data delivered by Telenor.
Using existing infrastructure and hardware
The Danish Maritime Authority has undertaken the development of the software to be used on the bridge of Poul Løwenørn.
The lap top is connected to the ship's Pilot Plug, which provide input to the vessel specific positioning system, giving access to GPS and AIS information.The installation consists of off-the-shelf components, thus no further hardware development has been needed.
The EfficienSea e-Navigation test bed fleet
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