EfficienSea has carried out a survey mapping the range of higher education and recruitment needs in the maritime sector.


Baltic Sea survey on education and recruitment needs
If you are curious about a maritime career, you would want to know what education is available and what expertise is wanted. Does today's education provide what companies and organizations in the maritime clusters seek? To what extent is it possible to study in another country? Am I on the right track?

In early 2009 EfficienSea started to map the range of higher education in the maritime sector. In parallel to the mapping, EfficienSea partners has asked maritime employers to specify their current and future needs for competence. To complete the picture, EfficienSea partners have mapped recent maritime marketing and recruitment campaigns in the region.

Economic situation has a direct effect demand
Our survey shows a current low recruitment demand and no need for recruitment measures for the time being. The financial crisis starting off in 2008 was followed by regression in national economies, with a heavy effect also on the maritime sector. The impact on the recruitment situation is clear, and our study shows a current low demand for new employees.

Competion for the right expertise
However, several respondents stress a future need for highly skilled employees with specific competences. After regression comes boom, and the competition for the right expertise will increase, which in turn will challenge the maritime industry to step up its branding activities. The focus on recruitment measures is however likely to increase at the very end, or even after, the EfficienSea project ends.

Activity report available early 2011
The mapping of supply and demand has been carried out through mailed questionnaires completed with a series of interviews. A couple of preliminary reports have been written and published for project partners. All material is now being reviewed, analyzed and compiled into one report that is scheduled to be published in January 2011.

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